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Know Your Colts History: How about this prospect?

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I've been a huge fan of BBS's draft profiles throughout the off-season.  I'm not the biggest draft buff, so these have been a huge, huge help to me.  My one gripe is that he never chronicled my new favorite prospect, linebacker Donald Thomas.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand why he probably didn't do it.  Guys from Eastern Illinois don't traditionally get a lot of pre-draft coverage, but at 5-10, 237 pounds, he fits the billing for the speedy, undersized LB that Polian and Dungy use heavily in the Cover 2.  Although he isn't projected to be selected in the draft, many think he could make it as an undrafted free agent, even Donald will admit as much:

“Being drafted is not even an option for me,” he said. “I’m definitely looking for a free agent deal. My agent, he’s just putting my name out there, just letting these guys know I’m from a small school but I’m some kind of a big-time player, just trying to get me back on the field. That’s all I want is one opportunity to showcase my talent.”

Later on he goes on to mention that the Colts have expressed interest in doing just that, so there's a good chance that he could be around for mini-camp. One of things that could keep him around is his hitting ability, some say he hits like a car. Actually, check that, he was hit by a car :

Maybe the question should be how badly is the car damaged after accidentally hitting linebacker Donald Thomas.

Eastern Illinois’ pro-football hopeful star reports to be OK after the mishap on the Monday before this weekend’s NFL draft.

“He says it wasn’t as bad as the hit he took against Tennessee Tech,” EIU defensive coordinator Roc Bellantoni said. “He said that felt like he was hit by a truck.”

Monday’s accident at the corner of Fourth Street and Grant when Thomas was jogging still threw him a scare.

“I felt like I did getting hurt at Murray State in the most important season in my life,” said Thomas, who missed a game and was slowed in others by that ankle injury the past season. “Now here the week when I find out my fate in football I get hit by a car. But I think I’m all right.”

Thankfully, he appears to be OK, so that shouldn't hurt his chances to be signed next week.  I really hope he signs with the Colts, if for no other reason so that he can compare getting hit by a car with getting hit by Darrell Reid.  Something tells me he'd rather take his chances being Frogger.