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Draft Day!

Well one of my favorite days of the year is here.  The real beginning of the season as far as I'm concerned.  We'll get a couple of weeks to discuss the draft.  Minicamps will be starting soon, and before you know it... summer's here and we're ready for the start of training camp.

I haven't received a ton of entries for the mock draft challenge , so I'll give you until the start of the draft to email your pics to me.  If I don't receive them by 3:00pm (the start of the draft) then they don't count.

[edit] - In fairness to those who have already entered, I won't accept anymore entries per the original deadline.

AIlso, I'll be around the site for most of the day adding my comments to the draft.  I'll post a thread when it starts so we can all comment in one location.


Welcome to the 2008 season.