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2008 NFL Draft: Open Thread



Well, it is finally here. Draft day, the Super Bowl of the off-season, is here. In many ways, more NFL fans get more excited for the draft then the Super Bowl itself.

Right now, I am in New York with TheSportsGuru and Chris, covering the draft both at Stampede Blue and Mocking the Draft.

The Colts will not pick until much later today, and it will be their only pick today. The first day of the draft now only goes two rounds. As of now, Jake Long is the #1 pick and Chris Long is the #2 pick. rumors suggest New Orleans is trying to move up to get Glenn Dorsey. This is your open thread for the draft. This thread should AUTO-UPDATE with comments. Post your comments on picks here. I'll be posting updates from the draft here and on MOD.

UPDATE: I'm live at the ESPN Zone with Guru and Chris. Jacksonville just swung a trade to move up to #8, and Chris is freaking out! Fun times. More updates as they come.