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2008 NFL Draft: Open Thread 2 and Recap of Picks 6-10

Nylandingstrip_s New York Jets - Vernon Gholston, DE Ohio State

Jets made the smart move here taking Gholston, who fits their defensive scheme. It will be interesting if they stand him up and rush him or have him down on the line all the time.


Canal_street_s New Orleans Saints - Sedrick Ellis, DT USC (after trade with New England)

The Saints desperately needed to upgrade their defense, especially their d-line. They wanted Dorsey, but moved up and took Ellis instead.


Bigcatcountry_s Jacksonville Jaguars - DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

The Jaguars REALLY wanted Derrick Harvey. They get a guy who can come in and immediately rush the passer, something the Jags defense was not good at in 2007 (or really, ever).


Cincyjungle_s Cincinnati Bengals - Keith Rivers, LB Florida

Bengals get a LBer that fits their scheme. They need more d-line help, but the bottom line is they also need LBers who can tackle (and not get arrested).


Patspulpit_s New England Patriots - Jarod Mayo, LB Miami

They reached for this guy, but the Patriots needed LBer help and got it.


This is another open thread