The Czar gives us a 'C'...again

So FoxSports Football "Czar" John Czarnecki gives us the obvious grade in this year's draft, a 'C'.  It is well documented that Bill Polian could give a flip about our grade from the media pundits as long as we keep making the playoffs.  But this what I thought was interesting.  Look at the Colts write up:


The Colts didn't have a first-round pick, but still landed Arizona State's Mike Pollack, an athletic offensive lineman who may replace center Jeff Saturday one day. He could help at guard this season. Georgia OLB Marcus Howard has speed off the edge and played very well against the best opponents — he fits Tony Dungy's system. Ditto for Georgia Tech OLB Philip Wheeler, who had 16 sacks. Kentucky TE Jacob Tamme was excellent value in the fourth round and Bill Polian is hoping he's found another Dallas Clark.
Grade: C

Notice how everything on there is very nice, as he mentions we got a few value picks and a lot of guys who fit our system.  He mentions we didn't have a first-rounder, but forgets to mention who we got with that pick last year.  But then look at the Patriots write up, where he gives New England a 'B' grade:


Coach Bill Belichick has never drafted a linebacker with the Patriots in the first five rounds, but he needs Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo, who was the fastest moving player on most team's draft boards. Mayo is a sure tackler and will give the Patriots some youth with so many older linebackers in Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel and Junior Seau. Give Belichick credit for a "vision pick" in the third round, when he chose San Diego State quarterback Kevin O'Connell, who has pro size and a great touch throwing the ball. This could be Matt Cassell's last season in New England. Colorado cornerback Terrence Wheatley has had fusion surgery on his right wrist, which sounds risky but he played two seasons with it. Both he and Auburn CB Jonathan Wilhite are 5-foot-10 — never a good size in the NFL. Michigan OLB Shawn Crable doesn't cover well, but he can rush the passer. Crable needs to get stronger.
Grade: B

Notice the tongue-in-cheek manner in which he uses a lot of words to say that there were flaws(or at least concerns) with several of their picks.  Notice how he mentions that Jerod Mayo may have been a reach.  Seems a bit fishy to me, since when I look at the write-ups, and not the grade, I would assume the Colts would grade higher.  What are your thoughts?

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