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Dear Mr. Polian: Bring back Dom

The Oakland Raiders, despite having proven veteran RB Justin Fargas, promising youngest Michael Bush, and playoff veteran Dominic Rhodes decided to (rather stupidly) draft Arkansas RB Darren McFadden on Saturday. This was stupid for them because DT Glenn Dorsey went to their hated rivals, the Chiefs, with the next pick.

However, for us Colts fans, it might have been a blessing, because today Oakland cut Dom Rhodes. When Rhodes was with Indy in 2006, he was paired with then-rookie Joseph Addai and the two formed a formidable RB duo. Rhodes rushed for over 100 yards and a TD in Super Bowl 41 that season.

Since Kenton Keith seems like an idiot (and he can't catch either), Stampede Blue gives its full endorsement that Mr. Polian bring Dom back to where he belongs: Wearing the blue shoe.