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NFL Rookie Free Agents: Update

From NFLDraftBible:

WR Rudy Burgess, Arizona State
SS Jamie Silva, Boston College
DE Curtis Johnson, Clark Atlanta
OLB Anthony Adams, Grand Valley State
DT Colin Ferrell, Kent State
SS Jordan Senn, Portland State
WR Sam Giguere, Sherbrooke Canada
CB Brandon Foster, Texas
DT Dan Davis, UCONN

Curtis Johnson is someone the Colts have eyed for a while, looking to convert him to a DE. Burgess is a WR the Colts and Jags got into a bit of a bidding war for. Burgess opted for the Colts. I love how Indy drafted a guy named Pierre Garcon and then signed a guy from French Canada: Sam Giguere. I also like how actor Colin Ferrell is switching careers and now playing for the Colts.

Just kidding. Though, after watching that dumb Daredevil movie, I wouldn't mind seeing Colin Ferrell get knocked around a few times.

Still no signing yet for Rudolph Hardie, but Titus Brown signed with the Dolphins.

UPDATE: These players were signed recently as well:

Charles Dillion WR Washington State
Adam Tafralis QB San Jose State
Chad Simpson RB Morgan State