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Colts potentially adding Dominic Rhodes and Rosevelt Colvin

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With the news that Dom Rhodes was cut by Oakland yesterday, it seems logical to assume the Colts will look into bringing him back into the fold. Rhodes was a very popular member of the team. Despite his arrest last year for getting drunk and peeing in his pants, Dom is not known as a trouble maker or a jackhole. I will always remember Dom for how he took Joseph Addai under his wing when Addai was a rookie. Also, Dom did not complain, whine cry, or moan when he was benched in favor of Addai later in the 2006 season. In fact, Dom actually got better, and really dominated in the 2006 playoffs. Dom and Addai are fast friends, and guys like Peyton and Saturday also speak well of Dom.


The bottom line is if Dom wants to come back here, the team would love to have him. But, the price must be right.

The other possible addition, one that Bill Polian has said the Colts are looking into, is acquiring former Patriots LB Rosevelt Colvin. Colvin visited Indy this past Saturday. The concern on Colvin is his health. All throughout his career, he's been hurt. One of the reasons for this is Colvin just isn't very durable. He could stay healthy if he were a part-time pass rush specialist, which the Colts will likely use him as if they sign him. The other issue with Colvin is he's kind of acted like a jerk when he's played the Colts. Remember, he was the jerk who spiked the football on the mid-field Horse Shoe after New England beat Indy in the regular season last year. Shortly afterwards, Colvin got hurt hurt (again), was placed on IR, and, at the end of the season, got cut.

Note: Never, ever, mess with The Shoe.

Still, despite all that, if Colvin is healthy he would make a great addition. Colvin and recently drafted DE Marcus Howard would solidify the Colts' pass rush. Should Dominic Rhodes return, it will provide Indy with the same RB depth they had when they won it all in 2006. Add to this Mike Hart, and the Colts have three quality backs (and likely Kenton Keith will be looking for residence again in Canada). If Colvin and Rhodes are signed, it would add the finishing touch on a very strong draft for the Colts.