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As Colts Homer posted, the preseason schedule was announced today.  

The Colts' first home preseason game of 2008 - the first football game of any kind in Lucas Oil Stadium - will be against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, August 24 at 8 p.m.

As a season ticket holder, I have a decision to make.  Do I go to the first preseason game in Lucas Oil Stadium knowing it's a meaningless game and I'll probably end up leaving early, or do I wait for the prime-time opener against the Chicago Bears?

Part of me wants to be there for the first game ever played in the new stadium... but part of me would rather it be a sold-out packed house in a game that actually means something.  I mean, do I really want the outcome of the game riding on Jim Sorgi and Josh Betts?  Do we ever win preseason games?  

I'm just curious to see what you guys thought, especially season ticket holders.  I think I'm leaning towards going to the Bills game.  I'm afraid I'll miss something if I'm not there.