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I move; SB Nation Mock Draft; Colts will draft Forte

I spend a lot of time in both Indianapolis and New York. Part of my non-blogging job keeps me NY for long stretches, which is one of the reasons I wanted to implement the Fellows program. I just spent the last 24 hours moving from my old NY apartment to a new one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'm finally moved in, settled, and re-organizing the place. I'm always astounded by how hard it is to move. I don't have a lot of stuff, compared to others, but good grief was it hard to move!

Anyway, now that things are settling down, I get a chance to catch up on some diaries written, articles I've been meaning to write (hint, hint, SPYGATE!), and other NFL-related stuff as we gear-up for the Draft.

  • Per usual, shake n bake gives us nothing but the facts. His excellent diary maps out what the mock drafts are saying. In short, the Colts will take Matt Forte in the second round and Marcus Howard in the third. If Indy pulls that off, I might just dance a jig.
  • Seriously, mgrex03 can crash my Who the hell will they draft party anytime. Same goes for anyone else. I had written up a whole article on John Carlson, because I think there is an outside chance he will where the Shoe next year. But, mgrex03 beat me to the punch, and wrote a much better article than I did.
  • EA Sports will not release a PC version of Madden 09. This means there will be no licensed NFL game available on the PC. EA can officially bite my balls. I've played Madden on the PC for over 10 years. There is a very solid, core group of people who enjoy Madden on the PC and think consul games are for sissies. Let PC people play online with consul people and it's a slaughter favoring PC. But now, that won't happen. EA = jerks.
  • Allow me to sing the praises of Titus Brown and Arman Shields. Both these guys emailed me recently to discuss the write-ups we did on them. They didn't have to do that, but because they are cool guys who care about what fans think of them, they felt the need to respond with "thank yous." I imagine these guys are nervous as all get out with the Draft coming up, because both are considering second day picks. Regardless of what happens, these two dudes certainly live up to the "high character" label they get. I'm pulling for them. Indeed, I'm pulling that they both get drafted by Indy.
  • If Titus gets drafted by Indy, he will likely back-up a healthy Dwight Freeney. Freeney stated in a recent viedo interview that his foot is fine and ahead of schedule.
  • The SB Nation Mock Draft (which is the best community mock draft on the web now hands down!) has had a few controversial picks of late. WCG took RB Rashard Mendenhall with the 14th pick even though Chicago has no receivers, Rex Grossman STILL at QB, and a putrid offensive line. Needless to say, WCG was ripped by the community and by Matt Miller. And, in typical WCG fashion, he shot right back! I think my "Damn the torpedoes!" mentality in regards to critics has rubbed off somewhat one my blogfather, WCG. Hehehe.
I'm now off to find out where the hell my shirts and socks are. Like all silly bloggers, I'm in my underwear now. Probably a little TMI, but hey it's Sunday.

More draft prospect info and Colts news coming soon.