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What about Roy Hall?

Could Roy Hall develop into a good WR?
One of the players lost in the shuffle last year was Ohio State rookie WR Roy Hall. Hall was a project player, drafted in the 5th round in 2007. Many Colts fans liked the decision to draft Hall, thinking he could be converted to TE or (at the very least) replace Aaron Moorehead as the lone tall receiver on the team. Hall was also drafted to play special teams, and in this role he is unique. It is somewhat rare that a WR plays special teams as a gunner. Usually, WRs are returners. With Hall, his combination of size and speed offered something to special teams that the Colts sorely lack.

That, and a competent coach who can actually get something out of the unit.

For 2008, we've talked a lot about life after Marvin Harrison mainly because 2007 was the first time Marvin ever sustained a serious injury. Even though both Jim Irsay and Bill Polian have stated emphatically that Marvin will return 100% in 2008, most of us think that the Colts must look for another WR to round out the group. We've talked about guys like Arman Shields and Harry Douglas, but lost in the shuffle is Hall.

Hall missed most of 2007 with an injury. His training camp performance was mixed and his pre-season results were dismissal. However, as he has healed up from 2007, Hall has worked hard to develop himself as a receiver. In a recent video interview at, Hall (who is attending voluntary workouts) said he went to a WR clinic recently to work on his fundamentals: Hand-eye coordination, route running, blocking, etc.

While Hall is a bit of a project, he seems to have the mindset to develop. Rookie WRs are usually garbage. WRs in general take a few years to season. Reggie Wayne was awful his first two years before developing into an elite receiver. Anthony Gonzalez, who was a top rookie WR last season, struggled early on. So, it is posible that Hall could provide the Colts with what they need (WR depth) if he develops his skills going into years two.