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2008 Stampede Blue Draft Challenge

I know more than you

Stampede Blue Mock Draft Challenge

No purchase nessecary.

It's amazing how the coverage of the NFL draft has expanded almost exponentially over the past several years.  We used to be stuck with one "uniquely haired" draft analyst.  Now you can go to any number of dedicated draft websites and read full bios of potential draftees along with mock drafts.  I've done some straw polling, and the number of people creating their own Mock Drafts in the last year alone has risen over 72%.

Since several of you already have been working on mock drafts, I thought it would be fun to have a challenge to see who's mock draft faired the best.  We'll actually have two contests.  The first will consist of the Colts draft only.  The second challenge will be to create a 2 round full NFL Mock Draft.

Challenge 1: Colts Mock Draft

Create a mock draft such as BigBlueShoe's Scoring will be:

  • Rounds 1-3 - 1 point for each player in the correct draft pick.
  • Rounds 5-5 - 2 points for each player in the correct draft pick.
  • Rounds 6-7 - 3 points for each player in the correct draft pick.

The person with the most points wins.  To earn a point for the selection, you must get the Player Drafted matched to the exact draft pick he was selected with, not just the round he was drafted in.

Challenge 2: 2 Round NFL Mock Draft

For the first round, match the pick number, team, and player selected to receive a point.  Do the same for the 2nd round and receive 2 points.  Simple, eh?  The person who accumulates the most points wins.

Get your pencils out, and start working on your selections.  You have until Friday, April 25th at midnight to EMAIL your Mock Drafts to me.  Feel free to enter one or both.  Only one entry per person.  All disputes will be resolved by the Stampede Blue admin.  Feel free to offer any ideas or suggestions for improvements such as expanding the number of rounds, expanding the points system, etc.

Feel free to post your mock drafts, but I must receive them in my email to be official.

Please let me know if something wasn't clear, or if you have any questions.

Good Luck!