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2008 NFL Draft: More dumb draft grades

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Take a look at what CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco said about Indy's draft:

Indianapolis Colts

Best pick: Taking Georgia linebacker/defensive end Marcus Howard in the fifth round is a steal. He's perfect for the Colts, who like undersized ends with speed.

Questionable move: Nothing really. They added interior line depth, which they had to have, and selected two tight ends, which they needed.

Second-day gem: Tight end Jacob Tamme, a fourth-round pick, is a converted receiver. The Colts lost Ben Utecht, so they try and replace him with Tamme.

Overall grade: B-. Third-round pick Phillip Wheeler is a typical Colts pick, a linebacker who can run.

So, let me get this straight, the Colts made a great pick in Howard, got a good second day gem in Tamme, and made no questionable moves or picks throughout the entire draft... and they get a B-?

This is why draft grades are dumb folks. I agree with Prisco's analysis (and I like how he talked about Howard over Mike Hart), but doesn't he realize how stupid it looks to give a team a B- after he praises them for doing a great job?