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Deadspin's Christmas Ape is a complete idiot

Although i disagree with writer Buzz Bissinger's onslaught against blogs, I will agree with him on one point: KSK and Deadspin contributor Christmas Ape is an idiot, and doesn't know WTF he is talking about.

Case in point: His recent post about Tony Dungy talking to high school kids recently about the importance of playing sports "the right way." Dungy was in Florida and talked to the kids about the importance of winning with class, citing the "Spygate" scandal as an example of winning without class:

"Then someone asked if anything happened last season that he wished he could include in the book. What followed was vintage Dungy. He seized the opening. He brought up the videotaping scandal with the New England Patriots.

"We talk about how important it is to do things the right way and have integrity so that when you do win, people can never ask that question," he said. "That's the great thing that I'm happy about with our team.

"Yes, we won. But no one is really going to ask, 'Did they cheat? Did they do things the right way?' I think our record speaks for itself and if you're a true champion, that's the way you'd like it to be."

Apparently, idiots like Christmas Ape didn't like Dungy's lesson on morality, and decided to simply make stuff up in an effort to discredit Dungy. Here's Ape's post:

O RLY? I seem to be remember there being some questions about pumped-in crowd noise in the RCA Dome cropping up numerous times in the past few years, most notably after the regular season game against the Patriots last season.

Apparently, like Mike Florio, Christmas Ape has a problem discerning FACT from rumor. That facts are that the Colts have never piped in crowd noise. There have been lots of petty allegations from people like Ed Werder and (laughably) the Patriots, but no actual proof. Even the "incident" at the RCA Dome last year was shown to be a technical error on CBS' part, not a malicious effort to cheat by the Colts.

Belichick and the Patriots, however, were caught cheating and punished for it. There is proof they did it. They admitted doing it. FOR YEARS!

Big, big, BIG difference that anyone with half a brain can see.

Moral of this: Christmas Ape is a moron who probably should spend more time checking facts than trying to show up Tony Dungy.