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Colts Fans are Everywhere

I've seen the hometown Nationals play twice now in three weeks; once against the Cubs, and yesterday vs. the Marlins.  I, being the Colts homer I am, wore a Colts shirt to the Cubs game, and a Colts hat yesterday.  Both games, I've gotten a "Go Colts!"  I've also seen numerous other coats or T-shirts around town.  DC definitely has a nice Colts contingent, and it's nice to see them out around town.

Speaking of the Cubs, did anyone see the NFL's best QB sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley Field yesterday?  No, it wasn't Peyton Manning, or even Tom Brady, even though either of them would have just as many ties to Chicago as the guy who did.  It was that great signal caller Tony Romo, and he was horrendous.  I've linked the video below, so we can all laugh heartily.  I'm just wondering if the Sex Cannon would get more boos than Romo did.