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I’ve been getting asked similar questions from a lot of people in and around Indianapolis lately, but unfortunately, I don’t have much to add to the Harrison story at this point.


I’m sure the detectives are still working the case, but the last time I checked in, they weren’t about to make any arrests. Our focus moved on in the past week to the murder of a veteran Philadelphia police officer, and it would probably take something as big as Marvin being hauled off in cuffs for us to go back to him.


If you see any updates on the Web, read it with a keen eye. A lot of erroneous reports have surfaced in the past week or so from people who seem to be trying desperately to advance the story by citing unsubstantiated “reports,” “rumors” and “sources.”




David Gambacorta

Crime Reporter

Philadelphia Daily News





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I'm a die hard Colts fan and I was hoping you would shed some light with what's going on with the shooting that has been reported that Marvin Harrison supposedly was involved in,there's been no statement sense May 7 any help would be appreciated.......................THANK YOU.

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