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As Minicamp Approaches: The Passing Offense



As we turn away from glorious failures like "Spygate" (btw, if you want to read a great article on Spygate, read PatsPulpit; and no, I'm not kidding) I can now turn my attention back to what is important: The 2008 Colts roster.

This is what we think we know: Marvin Harrison will be healthy in time for the regular season opener against the Bears. This has been said by Dungy, Polian, and Irsay. However, we heard this song and dance all last season, and the reality is Harrison should have been IRed and not brought back for the San Diego playoff game. So, forgive us Colts management if we fans are cynical of your medical reports.

But, let's assume, just for a moment, that Marvin is 100% healthy and back to the Marvin we know and love. Remember, prior to the knee injury against the Bucs, Marvin was doing his thing even at age 35. Supposedly, he has lost none of his speed and quickness, and he has the body fat of a cadaver. So, let's assume he's 100% and a-okay. How does this affect the Colts offense?

Well, for starters, we will see Anthony Gonzalez exclusively in the 3 WR, slot position. I'm not sure how Gonzo will work in this seeing as he struggled last season, and it wasn't until Marvin went down that he began play better. That might just have been the standard rookie jitters, and maybe, with experience now under his belt, he will be more comfortable working the slot. If he is, and if Marvin is healthy, the Colts will again have the best WR corps in football.

Yes, better than New England.

With rookie Jacob Tamme likely to get several snaps playing as an H-Back, we could see several new looks for the offense. Dallas Clark will likely play on the line and in the slot. They'll probably move Gonzo around, playing slot or outside. Tamme will likely play off the line, or run routes from the backfield. That's a lot of speed and playmaking ability attacking a defense from multiple angles.

And then, there is Addai and Rhodes. Unlike Kenton Keith, these two guys can actually catch a dump off pass. And when they receive the pass, they can do special things with it.

Look for the Colts to attack opposing defenses with more weapons than last season. Depth and playmaking ability were addressed this off-season, and I'm getting antsy so see it all come together in 2008.