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Is Edgerrin James a Hall of Famer?

SB Nation's new Arizona Cardinals blogger is cgolden, and he is an excellent blogger. His blog also has the single best logo of all SB Nation blogs.


Just an awesome logo.

He also has a very well-written post up talking about Edgerrin James' Hall of Fame credentials. If you look at Edgerrin's stats, this season (if he runs for roughly 1,000 yards) he will likely pass Jim Brown or Tony Dorsett for #7 or #8 all time on the NFL rushing list. Edge has played pro football for 10 years. Dorsett played for 12 and Brown for 9, and both are in HoF. If Edge gathers 1,400 total yards from scrimmage this season (which is very possible), he will jump to #10 all-time on the total yards list, ahead of HoFers like Eric Dickerson.

Edge is obviously most known as a member of the Triplets in Indy, which lasted from 1999-2005. Of the Triplets, Edge was the RB, Peyton Manning the QB, and Marvin Harrison the WR. Since leaving Indy, Edge has done a respectable job playing in Arizona behind a bad offensive line. He's also had shaky QB play, a head coaching change, and bad management. Yet, despite all this, he ran for 1,159 in 2006 and 1,222 yards in 2007. Prior to Edge, the Cardinals had never had a runner go over 1,000 yards since Garrison Hearst in 1995.

So, looking at all this, I say yes. Edge is definitely a Hall of Fame running back. I mean, if a total chump like Dickerson is considered a HoFer, then Edge should be as well. That's just my take.