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2008 Minicamp starts today for the Colts


Maybe, just maybe, we could get some actual PICTURES of what the Colts rookies look like in their new unis. I mean sheesh! Rookie camp happened two weeks ago, and still has not put up any pics. 

For a quick flashback to minicamps of yester-year, check out this little bit from minicamp 2006:

Top draft pick Joseph Addai appears to be making a rapid adjustment to the NFL. The first-year running back from LSU displayed a bit more quickness in Saturday's two practices, which Dungy credited to an improving comfort level in learning the Colts' complicated offense.

"It's just being a little more comfortable with the snap count and what we do. But he was very encouraging [Saturday]," the Indianapolis coach said. "I thought he was a little more sure of himself and a little more sudden in what he did. He was going maybe with a little more, just knowing what he was doing."

Addai has been impressive through the first three practices at catching the football, a trait that should earn him high marks from offensive coordinator Tom Moore and quarterback Peyton Manning.