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Can we please stop giving a crap what Bob Kraft and his sniveling son thinks

AOL Fanhouse posted something on a WEEI Radio interview with Patriots President Jonathan Kraft, the son of Patriots owner Bob Kraft. In the interview, Johnny Kraft decided to take some shots at ESPN for their coverage of "Spygate," stating their "journalistic standards that really are not up to snuff." While I agree with Kraft that ESPN is total garbage, on this particular issue (ESPN's coverage of "Spygate"), Kraft is dead wrong and, quiet frankly, doesn't have a leg to stand on.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would take Kraft seriously when he questions the integrity of anyone. Kraft is the president of an organization who deliberately and systematically cheated for over seven years. Jonathan Kraft should also watch what he says when it comes to newspapers writing stuff that simply isn't true. Remember, Kraft was one of the idiots who openly claimed the Colts were piping in crowd noise into the RCA Dome. We all found out later that Kraft's allegation simply wasn't true.

To date, Kraft has not issued a formal apology to the Colts or owner Jim Irsay for making his unfounded accusation. At least John Tomase and the Boston Herald said sorry for their screw-up.

Bottom line: Shut up, Johnny. Yes, ESPN sucks, but the Patriots do not have the credibility to criticize another organization's integrity. You must have integrity for anyone to listen to you.


Jonathan Kraft (behind the podium with the big smelly fish on it) is an idiot.