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Betting on the Colts

While the Colts we all know and love will be participating in Minicamp tomorrow, I'll be in attendance watching other colts, namely a group of 12 3-year old colts at the 133rd Preakness Stakes in Baltimore.  I've grown to love the sport of Horse Racing, as it gives me an excuse to use my statistics knowledge in conjunction with gambling.  I think I've figured out what I'm gonna bet on tomorrow, so here's my prediction:

The overwhelming favorite to win is Kentucky Derby Winner Big Brown.  Last I saw he is going off at 1-9 odds, which is ridiculously low odds.  I'm guessing he'll end up at about 1-5 or 2-5, as many people will put some money on all the other horses with some pretty good odds.  They won't be winning though, as Big Brown as going to easily win this race, and not win me a lot of money, since everyone else will also have Big Brown.

Here's my bets (and please do not take my advice on this.  I won't be responsible for any money you may lose following my lead.  However, if I do win you money, a simple thank you will suffice!):

  • $2 Trifecta: 7 - 3/4/8/12 - 3/4/8/12 = $18
  • $10 Win: 12 = $10
  • $2 Exacta: 12 - 7 = $2
  • Total = $30

I'll have my trusty Blue Colts hat on, hopefully not to get too many dirty looks in the city of Baltimore.  If any Stampede Blue readers want to stop by, I'll be in the grandstand, pretty close to where the starting gate will be for the Preakness.


photo courtesy of the New York Times