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Colts Minicamp 2008: Love having Dom back

The universal feeling among players and coaches at minicamp is they are all very happy that Dominic Rhodes is back.

Peyton Manning:

I’m excited to have Dominic back...
He gives us a real boost... He gives us a veteran player there who is familiar with this system. It will take him a little time to catch back up on any changes we’ve made, to get familiar again.

Dallas Clark:

It’s awesome... I just love it. He’s such a great guy – funny, easy-going, relaxing. It just kind of feels right to have him back in the locker room. We missed him a lot. I think just having him really adds a lot more. The running back is a tough position, so the more depth you can have...

Tony Dungy:

I think everybody’s excited to have Dom back... As we said when he left, it was one of those situations where you don’t like to lose people. He’d been a big part of what we’d done on offense for three or four years before that.

His personality is pretty infectious. I think all the guys are pretty happy to have him back.