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Colts Minicamp 2008: Quick Notes

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  • Marvin Harrison reported to minicamp but did not participate in drills because he is still recovering from offseason knee surgery. He did not make himself available to the media, because the media continue to harp on the Philly shooting incident, an event that has sparked no charges, arrests, or convictions. In others words, it's a DEAD story the media should NOT be harping on.
  • Rookie DE Marcus Howard was held out of drills because of an undisclosed injury.
  • Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders also did not participate, but that was expected. Freeney is recovering from lis fran surgery, and Bob Sanders hurts people during practice. Therefore, the Colts hold him out. Bob = Scary Dude.
  • Peyton Manning is not 100% sure Brett Favre will stay retired:
    When a player he admires retires, Manning will often send him a letter of congratulations for a noteworthy career.

    "I'm always very sensitive to players retiring,'' Manning said. "In the NFL, not many guys get to retire as much as they're sort of retired.''

    Manning has penned such letters to running back Curtis Martin, offensive lineman Will Shields and tight end Frank Wycheck, and recently added another to McNair, who retired last month after 14 seasons. Favre has yet to receive a Manning letter, primarily because Favre has not completely closed the door on returning to the NFL.

    "Like everybody else, I guess we'll see what happens this fall,'' Manning said with a smile. "In a lot of ways I kind of hope (he returns). Brett's a guy that's been such an influence on me and all young quarterbacks.

    " . . . I guess part of it is kind of hope, maybe, that he finds his way back in the NFL this year.''