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Colts Minicamp: 5/18/08 notes

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Minicamp concludes today, and I have to give some credit. They did a fine job reporting what's been going on. I wasn't happy with their nearly invisible coverage of their rookie minicamp, especially no pictures. But with this minicamp, they've done a good job; lots of articles and videos. Here's what we've learned:

  • Peyton Manning spelled it out in no uncertain terms: The reason the Colts did not draft a wide receiver in the early rounds of the draft is because they expect Marvin Harrison back 100%. Peyton says Harrison looks fine, and can still get it done. We'll see.
  • When interviewed regarding Marvin Harrison's ability to still play football, Dominic Rhodes said people better "look out" because Harrison is out to prove people wrong. He also says most NFL DBs are "scared" of Harrison.
  • Reggie Wayne has looked very impressive at camp. Dungy heaped a ton of praise on him.
  • In the future (long term), Reggie Wayne would like to be a football coach.
  • Interesting tidbit from Pro Football Weekly:

    It seems almost humorous that a team as stacked as the Colts would heap such praise on an undrafted rookie, but team sources tell us the Colts are genuinely excited about what DT Eric Foster brings to the table. A third-team Associated Press All-American in 2006, the Rutgers product had a stellar collegiate career, but his small size (6-1, 273 pounds) scared off teams from drafting him. Quick, undersized tackles have a long history of thriving in coach Tony Dungy’s defense, which is predicated upon getting a strong pass rush from the front four, and Foster has a chance to be the next in line.

    If Foster pans out, the Colts will have five quality DTs heading into the 2008 season, and most of them young. I'm not even counting Darrell Reid, who is a decent reserve DT and excellent special teams player. DT went from a position of "Oh please oh please don't get hurt, Booger" to arguably the deepest position on the team in the span of one year.
  • Roy Hall has taken a big step, and has looked good at camp. He says the game has slowed down for him, and Dungy has been impressed with his work ethic.
  • The injury that has held Marcus Howard out of this minicamp is a rib injury. He got it during the rookie camp last week.
  • Dom Rhodes is trying to get his old number back from safety Melvin Bullitt. Unless Bullitt is cut, he isn't giving the number up; nor should he:
    The number has sentimental value to Bullitt. That's the number his father, Jerry, wore at Texas A&M. After wearing No. 18 through his junior season at Texas A&M, Bullitt switched to No. 33 as a senior to honor his father. "I kind of feel like when I'm wearing (No. 33), a piece of my dad is with me when I'm on the field,'' Bullitt said.
  • Dungy calls Rhodes' number 38 "an ugly number for a running back." Dungy also advised Bullitt not to give his current #33 up to Rhodes unless he is well compensated.
  • Tony Ugoh looks like he's ready to take the next step and become a premiere LT. Last season, prior to getting hurt, he was the best rookie playing football not named Adrian Peterson.
  • Because the Colts are the only team holding mandatory Minicamp this weekend, there are a ton of video clips up on
  • NFL Network's Marshall Faulk says the Colts might be the team to beat in the AFC. Marshall Faulk is also a big, big, BIG Mike Hart fan.
  • From an article by Thomas George:
    Dungy expects the battle for right guard to be ''one of the things that heats up all summer.'
    Other than rookie Mike Pollak, who else is battling for the starting RG spot now that Dylan Gandy is in Denver?

The more Minicamp info we get, the more we will print. So far, looks like a very productive and positive camp. Guys like Hall, Gonzo, Pitcock, and Ugoh have impressed, showing they can make that all important leap from first to second year. No info on Mike Hart, but we'll probably get a better idea about him once Training Camp starts.