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Know Your Colts History: This is your draft class

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All this week we've been looking at our new draft choices, trying to see how they'll fit in on the team and all that fun jazz.  But we still don't really know much about the players as people.  It'll take a while to really get a feel for what they're like, but hopefully these facts will help us start to understand them better...or maybe not.

Mike Pollak: He's not, I repeat NOT related to Jackson Pollack.  Just because you were shouting "Who the #$&% is Mike Pollak?" when the Colts made their first pick doesn't change their relation, even if it's something that you'd also say about Jackson Pollack.


Philip Wheeler: Wheeler is the first Yellow Jacket to be drafted by the Colts since their move to Indianapolis.  In fact, the last player from Georgia Tech by the Colts was the immortal quarterback Jim Bob Taylor (I didn't make that name up, honestly) in 1983.

Most of you probably know the 1983 Draft as the famous "Quarterback draft" that had 6 QB's go in the first round, with 3 of them (Marino, Kelly, and that other QB the Colts drafted that year) going on to become Hall of Famers.  Jim Bob didn't go in the first round, and he didn't make it into the Hall of Fame (yet!), but he can claim one thing that none of the other quarterbacks can: Every single ball he passed in the NFL for the exact same yardage.  In his career he had two passing attempts, one was a completion for 20 yards, and the other was an interception that was returned 20 yards.

Jacob Tamme: He earned a degree in integrated strategic communications from Kentucky.  In other words, he should be working with Peyton at ESP level by the end of training camp.

Marcus Howard: Wanna see someone wet their pants?  Just whisper "Here comes Marcus!" in Colt Brennan's ear.

Tom Santi: If you re-arrange the letters in his name, you get moist ant.  I have no idea what a moist ant is, but it sounds pretty dirty.

Steve Justice: Remember how I talked about Philip Wheeler being first Yellow Jacket drafted by the Colts since 1983?  Steve Justice is the first Demon Deacon drafted by the Colts since 1968.

Mike Hart: Has no respect for Jim Harbaugh.

Pierre Garcon: When he's not being made fun of for his especially French-sounding name, he's got a penchant for some pretty dazzling catches, like this one:

Just think how much more spectacular it would have been had it counted.

Jamey Richard: According to his bio, the most impressive person he's ever met is Phil Simms.  I guess that means that Jamey isn't a snowball advocate.