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Marvin Harrison accused of involvement in Philadelphia shooting

From AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith:

Anthony Gargano of WIP radio in Philadelphia is on ESPN this afternoon reporting that Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison is accused of being involved in a recent shooting at a bar Harrison owns in Philadelphia.

According to Gargano, police have uncovered a gun registered to Harrison in connection with the incident. His report further states that a fistfight broke out when Harrison escorted a man out of his bar, called Playmakers. When the man fled, gunfire was exchanged. The man's car was struck by a bullet and his hand was grazed, the report said.

Neither Harrison nor anyone else has been arrested in connection with the incident. Gargano reports that police are awaiting witnesses coming forward.

So, just to recap the facts: Marvin Harrison has not been charged, arrested, or convicted of shooting anyone. It also seems that no one was actually shot. He is supposedly accused of having some involvement in it because a gun registered to him is connected to the incident. Was the gun fired? Was it fired by Harrison? Don't know.

Until we do, we (and just about every other logic-minded person on the planet) will give Marvin the benefit of the doubt until details surface. The last time Marvin was accused of something wrong (attacking a small kid), it turned out to be a total and complete lie. So, we wait for the facts.

UPDATE: From nicjohns:

The man the shots were intended for told police that Harrison was not the shooter, but reportedly there is an innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet in the shoulder who is willing to testify that Harrison was the shooter.

This all coming from the same Anthony Gargono, the best part was him saying someone claimed when the fist fight took place at the bar Harrison beat him pretty good claiming his “hands were almost ninja like”.

Quick note: People coming in here claiming Marvin Harrison is a thug ala Pacman Jones will get their comments deleted. Saying such things is akin to trolling, and comparing Marvin Harrison to Pacman Jones on ANY level is stupidity defined.