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Turf Shrinkage Will Not Be A Concern For Super Bowl XLVI

As we saw yesterday with the announcement that the Super Bowl is coming to Indianapolis in 2012, Lucas Oil Field is already paying dividends for the city.  Don't get me wrong, I have lots of fond memories of the RCA Dome--even though I never actually saw the place in person--but the place wasn't exactly Super Bowl worthy.  I mean, it wasn't even impressive enough to get anyone to bite on resurrecting the Refrigerator Bowl.  It was a nice place, but it's time had come and gone.

Now as we move to a new stadium, it's a brand new start for Colts and the city as a whole.  No more weird acoustics that make opponents think we're piping in noise.  No more sellout crowds that are still under 60,000 people.  No more bubble jokes.  And last but not least, no more worries about the field getting wet because of those epic roof leaks: