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Yes, Gene Wojciechowski is indeed a schmuck

I think we can all agree that Gene Wojciechowski is a complete jerk off, regardless of whether his intention with his crap article, which bashes Indianapolis getting the Super Bowl in 2012, was a genuine dislike of the Midwest or just another ESPN hack piece designed to get people mad so they hit their site. Either way, Wojciechowski proves once again that ESPN employs lots of really stupid people to cover the NFL. The last line of the piece is my favorite:

I would have voted for New Orleans. I would have voted for Glendale. For San Diego. For Mexico City. I would have voted for anyplace where you can't buy a snowblower.

Instead, we got Indianapolis. Congratulations. Here's hoping for an NFL labor strike in 2011. Gene Wojciechowski is the senior national columnist for You can contact him at

Wojciechowski also says that the Super Bowl is a "reward" for the two teams playing in it, and sending teams to the Midwest does not count as such a great reward. It's a silly notion to view the Super bowl itself as a reward. When you win the Super Bowl, there's a reward, but ask the Bears or Patriots if they feel "rewarded" getting their butts kicked in front of billions of people. Ask the Bills of the 1990s if those four Super Bowl loses were "rewards."

Wojciechowski puts the icing on the cake by stating that holding a Super Bowl in a foreign country, over a city in the USA, just because of the friggin' weather actually makes sense. I mean seriously: Mexico City? Morons like Gene are why we fans may never see a Super Bowl in Lambeau Field, Soldier Field, or the new Yankee Stadium. Little sissy Marys like Gene Wojciechowski think it's too cold, even though guys like Wojciechowski will still cover the game from a climate controlled press box regardless of whether the game is in Miami or Anchorage, Alaska. There's a reason the 1958 Championship is considered the best football game ever played.

It was outdoors. In the cold. And we loved it!

Gene Wojciechowski doesn't like football because he doesn't like cold weather. It's just that simple. Anyone who doesn't like cold weather does not like football. This begs the question: Why is Wojciechowski writing about something he clearly doesn't like?