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Thank you Stampede Blue contributors and viewers

No, I'm not leaving or anything. It's just that not long ago, this site passed the 1,000,000 page views threshold, and I often don't take enough time to thank each and every one of you for making this blog very special for me and other Colts fans. I started blogging over two years ago in the wake of the 2005 season disaster. I spent much of the 2006 off-season defending Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy, and oh how sweet it was to see them win it all my first year of blogging the team.

And they beat the team covered by one of my blogfathers: WCG. How kick ass is that!

As I always say, I'm often an opinionated grump who lashes out at anyone who disagrees with me, especially idiots like this guy, but always understand that more often than not, I'm dead wrong. As my brother often likes to remind me, I thought passing on Peyton Manning was a good idea in 1998; that drafting Charles Woodson #1 overall and giving 350year-old QB Jim Harbaugh one more shot to win it all was a good idea.

Yep, I'm a real genius, aren't I.

So, to all you longtime contributors, like KingRichard, shake n bake, ColtsHomer, Bullard47, jdb, shonuff, masson, and many, many others (yes, you too Terry)... thank you.

To all you viewers and people who take the time to read and tolerate my angry rants... thank you.

To blogs like 18 to 88, Shake n Baken, Pro Colts Stuff, Charlie Weis Ate My Baby, and other Colts-related sites that have popped up over the past two years... thank you.

To bloggers in my network who have helped me make this a better blog, like BrianG, TheSportsGuru, WCG , David Halprin, JasonB, Fooch, Chris, Gonzo, DaveTheFalconer, Sean, Blez, and many others... thank you.

To site co-writers mgrex30, the21eraser, JakeTheSnake, and MasterRWayne... thank you.

You all make the blogging experience very rich and enjoyable for me. Your comments, contributions, and your time is very much appreciated. Please continue to make this a great place for Colts fans to come and enjoy the best team in the NFL.