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Colts Links: 5/27/2008

Hope everyone had a fun and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I know I needed a break. I wish I could say I spent the time catching up on Colts news, but the truth is I spent most of the three-day weekend doing absolutely nothing... and it was GREAT!

And speaking of Colts news, we've got a healthy share for you today:

  • Thanks to metal_militia for posting the story that the Colts brought former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin in for a physical recently, and that he passed. I sounds like Dungy wants Colvin on the roster, and both Colvin and his agent are looking to either iron out details with Polian, or shop around a bit before finally "settling" on Indy. Regardless, if Colvin is on this roster, the Colts have stated he will be here as a pass rushing DE. This is ideal for Colvin, who is not an every down player.

  • Speaking of DEs,  Pro Football Weekly has some interesting news regarding rookie Marcus Howard:
  • Word out of Indianapolis is that the Colts plan on undersized (6-0, 237) rookie DE Marcus Howard alleviating some of the pass-rushing burden from Dwight Freeney, who will make his return from a season-ending foot injury. Howard is incredibly raw, but we’re told the coaches will be looking for him to be nothing more than a pass rusher, a role in which the Georgia product could excel with his blistering speed. Strictly from a speed and quickness perspective, Howard may even be superior to Freeney.

  • Pro Football Weekly (again, this is PFW, not PFT) also has some news on rookie TE Jacob Tamme:
    With the uncertainty surrounding Colts WR Marvin Harrison — both in terms of his rehabilitation from the knee injury that sidelined him for most of ’07 and his possible connection to a Philadelphia gunfire case — we’re hearing that the Colts are planning on expanding the already significant role of their tight ends in the passing game. Currently one of the most dangerous tight ends in the game today, Dallas Clark will continue to line up throughout the formation to exploit his size-speed gifts. But it won’t be just Clark who will be asked to shoulder a receiving load at the TE spot. Word out of Indianapolis is that the team has big plans for rookie Jacob Tamme. An intelligent, wiry player with great hands and poor blocking ability, Tamme won’t provide much help to the running game as Clark’s bookend in the twin-TE sets, but the coaches are scheming ways to utilize his natural receiving abilities. With a dearth of legitimate WR depth, look for Clark and Tamme to act as de facto wideouts in a good number of offensive sets.
    I can understand talking about Marvin's status in terms of his rehab, but this insistence on bringing up this Philadelphia thing when He. Is. Not. Even. A. Suspect. in the incident (let alone getting charged with anything illegal) is now beyond the point of stupid.

  • One minute, AOL Fanhouse is bashing the city of Indianapolis for getting the Super Bowl in 2012. The next, they are praising Indy, and bashing those who bash the Hoosier capital. Here, The Sportz Assassin takes a shot at ESPN resident idiot Gene Wojciechowski:
    Boo-hoo. The Super Bowl won't be held in Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix, Houston or Southern California. Places that the surrounding madness of the game loves to go. Media guys and fans long for taking a vacation doing their job in the best possible weather and to hell with everyone else. Indianapolis, a beautiful city, can't have the game because the people covering it will miss out on the sunny games.

    Oh, and spare me the "experience of a lifetime" for fans blast. Real fans can't go to the Super Bowl. It's about you, the media guy and the business partners that populate Super Bowl cities like locusts.
    Curious how Sportz Assassin did not reference a writer in his own network (Ryan Wilson) who had bemoaned Indy getting a Super Bowl site bid.

  • And finally, for those of you that care, Dominic Rhodes and Melvin Bullitt have switched numbers, at least according to's roster chart. Dom has #33. Bullitt has #38. Melvin better have gotten some serious bread from Dominic for giving up that number.

Later today, look for me to take a few shots at our favorite punching bag in Tennessee, Vince Young. He said something recently that pretty much sums up why he is a total bust of a QB, and why the Titans need to cut his fat, sorry butt if they want any chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next 10 years.