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2008 Colts Draft Pick: Samuel Giguere et Pierre Garcon donneront un coup de pied à votre cul

BBS- Old title for this post used to read 2008 Colts Draft Pick: Samuel Giguere et Pierre Garcon donneront un coup de pied à votre âne, which basically translated meant that Giguere and Garcon were going to kick your donkey. I got the word "ass" wrong. The title has been corrected, reflecting that they will kick your rear section, not your donkey. Now kindly kiss my âne. Thanks to bluegirl and TeteDeFer for correcting my Friench.

For you non-French speakers out there, use this site to translate what the title says.

If you hadn't noticed, the theme for this year's off-season is a French one. Vive le France! Vive le Québec libre! Cue the flag pic:



Why is the theme a French one? Well, if you haven't noticed, the Colts currently have two WRs on their roster named Pierre Garcon and Samuel Giguere. Giguere (pronounced She-gair) hails from L'Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada, where the team sports colors are Le Vert & Or (The Green and Gold). Despite playing at a school located in another country (and in a part of that country where people speak French and ONLY French), Giguere garnered a lot of interest long before the 2008 April Draft.

Sherbrooke (Canada) senior wide receiver Samuel Giguere is attracting interest. He finished second in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) with 45 receptions for 871 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging more than 19 yards per catch. He has been timed in the 4.4 range in the 40-yard dash with a career best time of 4.35. Giguere ran 4.41 for me during the workout session of this past spring's East-West Bowl held in Quebec City. He is a rare natural athlete with a 40-inch vertical, 4.14 short shuttle, 10-foot, 1-inch broad jump and has also completed 23 reps of 225 pounds during offseason training. Not subject to NCAA rules, he was able to sign with an agent while still having a year of college eligibility remaining. He signed with well-known CFL agent Darren Gill who has represented Jason Clermont and Chris Bauman, two of the top-rated receivers in recent CFL Draft memory. You could hear Giguere's name among the players assigned to the East-West Shrine Game or another postseason game.

The "new frontier" for NFL scouting seems to be Canada. Seven years ago, the Colts were one of the few teams that signed numerous undrafted free agent rookies. Now, teams compete over signing these undrafted players. The Colts and Jaguars got into a bidding war over WR Rudy Burgess just after the NFL concluded with Burgess eventually signing with Indy. The next big fad, established by teams like the Colts, will likely be to start scouting players in Canada. Guys up there can play American football. We all like to bash on Kenton Keith, but the guy did average 4.4 yards a carry and generated 533 yards backing up Joseph Addai last year. And while Keith is not from Canada, he has spent much of his professional career playing for the CFL Roughriders.


Sam Giguere, like all Canadian college stars, has his own website.

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Regarding Giguere, the first thing you notice about him is his size and speed (4.45 speed). The dude looks like he was exposed to the same radiation that Hulked Dr. Bruce Banner, only in Giguere's case his skin didn't turn green. Between Marvin Harrison Kung Fu skills and Giguere's bulk, I'd rather get into a fight with the o-linemen and take my chances rather than pick a fight with Indy's WR corps.

The other "Frenchie" the Colts plucked from the college ranks is from Division III powerhouse Mount Union: Pierre "The Waiter" Garcon. For those of you who like to reference movies that like to reference movies: Garcon means "boy."

Garcon might have a name that would fit in with the football notables at L'Université de Sherbrooke, Mount Union is in the Ohio Atlantic Conference, and Garcon is from West Palm Beach, FL. So, I highly doubt Garcon walked up to Giguere the first day of rookie mini-camp and said Vou et vous ce a le qua? Because, like, if he did it would have been a little... awkward.

Like Giguere, Garcon came from a school that no many have heard of. Though Mount Union dominates Division III NCAA football, not many NFL prospects comes from Div III. That's not to say that no one from Div III has a shot at the NFL. Last season, the Rams took a shot at Div III Wisconsin-Whitewater's Derek Stanley. So, anything is possible, but if you agree with TheSportsGuru's philosophy of Give me big time players from big time schools who have played in big time games, then Pierre Garcon is not someone you want to draft. Might I suggest then Tommy Frazer, Eric Crouch, or Lawrence Phillips. They played in big time games for big time schools.

Can you tell I think the whole "big school" theory is a big bunch of merde?

Like Giguere, Garcon is 6'0, has good speed, and is quick. Garcon was also one of the top performers at the Combine, running a 4.48. has a scouting report on him:

Positives: Adequate size, larger than most small-school prospects. ... Long limbs. ... Accelerates well and is also a strong runner after the catch. ... Blows by defenders at the Division III level. ... Good speed and quickness. ... Used on bubble screens and shallow crossing routes to get the ball in his hands early. ... Also a deep threat, able to adjust to the ball in the air. ... Good hands on punt and kickoff returns. ... Can get upfield quickly and shows a burst to hit the hole hard.

The second to last bit I placed in bold is the reason I thought the Colts drafted Garcon. If you watch any of his college football kick and punt returns, you know the kid is lightening in a bottle. Speed is speed. It doesn't matter if it is Div III or USC v. Notre Dame. Pierre Garcon has speed. Yet, surprisingly, the Colts are saying they will not play Garcon at KR pr PR this year. Um, did they not see the film:

Why is Garcon not returning kicks this year? I have no friggin' clue.

If Garcon or Giguere can return punts and kicks, I think they should have a chance to compete against TJ Rushing. I don't think Rushing stinks or anything, but if Garcon or Giguere can do the job better (or provide a legit threat to score every time they field a kick) they should have a chance to win it over TJ.

Both Garcon and Giguere have excellent chances to make the final roster. I think one will get placed on the practice squad though, but the Colts saw something in these two guys that made them think they could be Colts.