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Colts release OL Dylan Gandy and Mr. Suggestion (Bryan Fletcher)

Lost in the OMG story of the day (Marvin Harrison getting interviewed by cops) is the very real story from ESPN's John Clayton that the Colts have parted ways with OL Dylan Gandy and TE Bryan "Mr. Suggestion" Fletcher. This comes less than a week after the Colts drafted three interior o-linemen and 2 TEs. Tip to Aerostar193.

I guess I can see releasing Fletcher, mainly because Jacob Tamme is likely to take his place as the pass catching TE who can't block. Also, Tamme has speed whereas Fletcher has little. I will also remember Fletcher for that catch he made in the 2006 AFC Championship game against the Pats. His nickname, given to him by Peyton Manning, stems from Fletcher constantly making suggestions in the huddle on what plays to run.

Dylan Gandy is a different story. I actually thought he was going to compete with rookie Mike Pollak for the starting OG spot, but I guess Polian has more faith in Pollak, Steve Justice, and Jamey Richard that in Dylan Gandy.

Both Fletcher and Gandy had recently signed one-year restricted free agent tenures this off-season.