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Vince Young now says the retirement talk was wrong, but not really

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More fun from Vince Young. Last week he said his rookie year (which produced a Rookie of the Year award and a Pro Bowl nod) was so stressful for him that he nearly retired. Now, Vince is saying he never really planned to hang them up. OK, I guess that means that writer Thomas George misquoted Vince when he wrote this:

At age 24 -- only one year into his NFL career -- [Vince Young] said he considered retirement.

"I really thought long and hard about it," Young said on Thursday after practice. "There was so much going on with my family. It was crazy being an NFL quarterback. It wasn't fun anymore. All of the fun was out of it. All of the excitement was gone. All I was doing was worrying about things.

"My teammates helped lift me out of it. I prayed really hard. And I began to focus on God's calling for me. Play football. Be a role model."

So yeah, looks like Thomas George pulled a John Tomase, right? I mean, that has to be a misquote, because it states pretty clearly that Vince Young considered retirement. Vince even said he thought "long and hard about it." Well, no. Vince wasn't misquoted. He just said something stupid, again:

In an interview with the Tennessean on Thursday, one week after Young told an reporter that he thought about hanging it up after his rookie season, Young said that while the pressures of being a quarterback are pretty intense, he never really planned to quit.

"I was never going to quit football,'' Young said. "Football, that is my pride and joy, it is my dream. I am playing my dream. And I don't plan on giving that up any time soon.''
But at the same time, Young didn't say that he was misquoted in last week's story, when he said that he thought long and hard about retiring. Now he's saying that everything had been "blown out of proportion." It seems that the pressure and constant attention that came with being the Titans' star made for a tough adjustment.

OK Vince, you need to make up your mind. You lied in one of those interviews; either the one with or the one Thursday with the Tennessean. You cannot one minute say you contemplated retirement and in, in two days later, say you never planned to do it. Either Thomas George misquoted Vince (which Vince says he didn't) or Vince is lying to the Tennessean about his retirement talk.

You can't have it both ways.

At this point it's moot. Who cares if Vince Young wants to retire or not. The point is this is yet another example of Vince Young's utter and complete stupidity. For people like me, it provides enjoyable entertainment. For Titans fans, I offer up the same warning I gave Jaguars fans regarding Byron Leftwich: Vince Young lacks the mental toughness to quarterback your team.

Oh, and he's a complete dumb ass to boot.