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Marvin Harrison Shooting: Details conflict with 610 WIP Radio report from Friday

From 18 to 88 (emphasis mine):

A Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News piece now has other discrepancies with the original report broken by a Philly radio reporter on Friday:

On Friday it was reported that the gun fire was exchanged after Harrison chased a man into the parking lot of his bar. Now it appears that the shooting took place several blocks away.

Harrison is now said to have kicked the victim out of his bar 2 weeks ago, and they have been fighting since. Harrison admitted to getting into a fist fight with the man earlier in the day.

It was reported that a girl had been slightly hurt by flying glass. Now it's reported that it was a 2 year old boy.

It was unclear though not inaccurate in previous reports that police cannot confirm that there was a third victim. They received a call from a lawyer saying that he represented a man who was hurt and could finger Harrison. That is not confirmed and as of now, no one has accused Harrison of anything. Police are looking for this alleged victim.

The original victim first told police that he was hurt driving on the freeway, before changing his story. He has not identified Harrison.

The Inquirer is reporting that Harrison turned the weapon in question over to the police. It was reported on Friday that police found it in a bucket outside Harrison's carwash.

So from the original sensationalistic reports on Friday, we had one picture of what happened, now there is a slightly different one. The small detail changes may or may not make any real difference, but they are interesting to note.

So, all the sensationalist crap ESPN reported on Friday (gun found in paint can, gunfire right outside the bar, witnesses identifying Harrison, etc.) seems to be all bunk according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. On top of this is the news that the Philly PD turned this case over to the Philly DA's office because they are too busy to deal with it (ie, it ain't important).

I more I look at this, the more it seems ESPN, Anthony Gargano of 610 WIP Radio in Philadelphia, and irresponsible rumor mongers like Mike Florio and Michael David Smith have made a whole lot of something from a whole lot of nothing, reporting rumor and speculation as if it were facts. Unless Daily News reporters David Gambacorta and Ted Silary are mis-stating or misunderstanding the facts, ESPN and WIP Radio have badly reported this incident. Unlike WIP Radio and ESPN (and Mike Florio), the Philly Daily News is citing actual sources and not unnamed sources. This makes their tale of the facts more credible. Currently, ESPN and Florio have made no attempt to correct the inconsistent facts they reported as truth, even though Florio admits to having read the Philly Daily News article.

We'll see how this plays out, but right now it looks like ESPN and WIP Radio have egg on their faces. We will see. BTW, Pro Football Talk is now insinuating Marvin Harrison wanted to shoot and kill police officers with the gun. Nice, classy outfit over there.