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Yes! The Cowboys are on HBO!

Well for any of you that get HBO they run an excellent series called "Hard Knocks" that chronicles teams in training camp. Last year they did the Kansas City Chiefs and BBS and I always get a laugh watching other organizations mismanage player/personal issues.

This year, however, we struck gold because "Hard Knocks" will be at the Cowboys training camp! Seven years ago the show did the Cowboys and BBS and I watched Jerry Jones sit in on coaches meetings and even special teams meetings to offer his "advice" on how to run the team. Its going to be awesome to watch the Cowboys plant the seeds of their own destruction this year.

Oh and on a side note its worth noting that "Hard Knocks" really only chronicles bad teams like the Cowboys and Chiefs. The reason for this is simple; bad teams have drama such as Larry Johnson not showing up for training camp and as for the Cowboys their entire team/organization is a long brown stain of drama. "Hard Knocks" would never chronicle the Colts because it would just be boring watching an efficient and effective organization that promotes individuals based upon merit and cultivates team work.

The Cowboys are the opposite of that so they are perfect for this show.