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AOL Fanhouse baffled as to why Colts signed Rhodes, and more helpful links

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    Stampedeblue_s AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith is confused as to way the Colts signed Dominic Rhodes, suggesting Kenton Keith is better because he rushed for 4.4 yards a carry in 2007 while Rhodes rushed for 3.4 in 2006. Maybe Smith missed the 2006 playoffs, where Rhodes rushed for 306 yards on 62 carries (4.9 a carry) in three BIG games, including a 113 yard, 1 TD performance in the Super Bowl. What did Kenton Keith do in the 2007 playoffs? Turn the football over.

    Stampedeblue_s 18 to 88 places their collective feet on the throat of Mike Florio for his ridiculous article for The Sporting News regarding the shooting outside Marvin Harrison's bar:

    Again, I'm not saying [Harrison] didn't do it. I'm not saying he was justified if he did do it. I am saying that the media coverage of this has been very odd and utterly irrational. This particular article is a great case in point. It sees only two possible scenarios when it's clear there are at least three.

    Stampedeblue_s Speaking of Marvin, Pete Prisco has an article up talking about how private Marvin is:

    Again, what people don't know is Harrison is a product of the tough streets of North Philly. He still has a lot of that in him. Beating the daylights out of somebody shouldn't be a shock. Some say Harrison still has too much street in him, that he is too loyal to the older neighborhood.

    These people that think Harrison is "too loyal" to his old neighborhood are morons like ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.


    Stampedeblue_s Indy Star has an article from Mike Chappell talking about the Colts signing Dom:

    "I can't even share with you the excitement I'm feeling right now,'' Rhodes said in a telephone interview from Arizona.

    From the moment he was released by the Oakland Raiders last month, he said, "I knew there was a possibility to come back (to Indy).''

    It's nice having Dom back.