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Know Your Colts History: Goodbye, Golf Cart

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For most of the week, I thought about using KYCH to talk about the whole Marvin Harrison situation, since it has dominated the water cooler talk in Colt circles this week.  But after some consideration, I decided not to go with it since like most of you, I"m still not really sure what even happened.  All I know is something went down in a rough area of Philadelphia involving a gun, Marvin Harrison, a ninja, and a Belgian...or something to that effect.  If I didn't know any better I'd say that's the start of a really weird joke, with a dumb punchline.

Anyways, while I was looking for some different stuff on the Marvin situation, I was checking on Facebook to see if any "Free Marvin!" groups had popped up yet.  Thankfully, none have been made yet, which is good considering that he hasn't even been charged with anything.

While I was on the Facebook, I stumbled across this story that has nothing to do with Marvin Harrison, but is amazing nevertheless.  Now, I need to throw out the major disclaimer I found this on Facebook so there's absolutely no way to confirm whether or not this story is true, but it is funny, which gives me all the reason I need to post it.  For those of  you that are keeping score at home, that means JakeTheSnake values humor over things like credible sources, the truth, and validity.  With all that out of the way, it's on to the story, which may or may not have actually happened:

The Colts train on Rose-Hulman's campus during the summer. Over the past summer, I was on campus doing research. One weekend I came back from the party and was invited out onto the balcony of the residence hall by a group of aquaintances. They told me they were just "enjoying the view" and motioned toward our lake. I looked out on the lake to find two Colts golf carts (which they use for transportation around campus) on the dock in the middle of the lake. This particular prank had been pulled in years past by some students, who were almost expelled for it. So I gasped and asked who had done it, and my friends simply replied "Peyton Manning". So I laughed at their joke and continued conversation... As it progressed, I realized they were serious, and Peyton Manning really did do it. He and another Colts player decided to prank their coaches and had stoled the coaches' golf carts and floated them to the middle of our lake. It was this day, that Peyton Manning became my personal sports hero...

Again, I can't reiterate enough that Facebook is less reliable than Jeff George's decision making abilities so there's no way to know if this is or true or not, but we do know that Peyton has a history with pranks, so it's not like doing something like that would be entirely out of character for him.  Let's just hope Peyton doesn't pull a prank on the Colts' golf aficionado.  That could lead to some harder than normal sacks during training camp.