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Colts Links: 5/9/2008

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The Chicago Tribune has an AP story up on rookie TE Jacob Tamme and how  he and Tom Santi will change the Colts offense:

Most scouts graded Tamme a better receiver than blocker, not surprising for a converted receiver, but that's part of the reason Tamme was still available when the Colts picked at No. 127.

Indy took a different view.

Thinking if they had two versions of Clark to use, Colts scouts figured defenses would have even more problems contending with Indy's already potent offense and hedged their bet by taking Virginia's Tom Santi as a bigger blocking tight end in the sixth round.

The rookies should give Indianapolis a new look.


Speaking of the Colts offense, Bob Kravitz seems to take issue with the Colts re-signing Dominic Rhodes (tip to Bullard47):

Let’s put it this way: If the Pacers had just signed Rhodes, we’d be killing them right now. But because they’re the Colts, and they’ve had a pretty good history of employing high-character guys — and because they still are basking in the glow of the Super Bowl — we’ve given them the benefit of the doubt.

Um, to put it simply: Yes. The Colts have earned the benefit of the doubt. The Pacers have not.

Stampedeblue_sStampedeblue_s's Vic Carucci thinks Dominic Rhodes is the missing ingredient the Colts needed to get back into the title hunt.


Here is the entire pre-season schedule. For us, football starts in less than three months. YES!

Stampedeblue_sStampedeblue_s has articles up on TE Tom Santi and OC Steve Justice. Here's an interesting part about Justice:

But as much as any honor, Justice said it is a statistic that mattered to him, and that drove him throughout a prestigious collegiate career.

The statistic: zero.

As in, zero plays missed in college because of injury.

“It’s the heart of a competitor,” Justice said recently in an interview for this story, the sixth of a nine-part series of stories on the Colts’ 2008 NFL Draft class that will run on in the coming days.

“You want to be out there every snap you can and help the team win as much as possible.”