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New Stampede Blue contributing writer: shake n bake

He's been contributing here at Stampede Blue for a while, offering great news and insight into the NFL and the Colts both in the comments of posts and in the fan posts. He also started his own blog (shake'n'baken) where he talks about the Colts and Chicago Cubs.

So, it seemed only obvious that we allow shake n bake to do some more writing. This time, on the front page of the blog. Join me in welcoming shake n bake as a regular contributor to Stampede Blue.

Unlike me (a hothead who likes to piss people off), shake n bake is a well-rounded writer who often doesn't allow his homerism to get in the way of a good argument. We've all enjoyed his fan posts, and I've always enjoyed his live game comments. He also has been a major contributor to other SB Nation sites. Remember, it was shake n bake, not me, that represented Stampede Blue in this year's SB Nation Mock Draft.

New contributor shake n bake will join mgrex30 as the sane voices of reason around here. One of our writing fellows, the21eraser, is busy studying his brains out for an very big exam. Naturally, this makes posting for him very difficult. When he's done with his exam, and takes a much deserved vacation, we should have him back (I know I miss him).

In the meantime, shake n bake will pick up the slack. Mind you, even though this is now the "dead zone" of the NFL (between the end of OTAs and training camp) that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about. And trust me, shake n bake and the rest of us will still be blogging up a storm between now and July 24th.