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Colts cut five, Colvin signing with Texans

The Colts reduced their roster today due to the new NFL rules that require 80-man team roster limit. Indy cut P Chad Stanley, DT Dan Davis, K Shane Andrus, C Pat Ross, and RB Justise Hairston. Of the group, Hairston is a surprise seeing as Dungy raved about him at mini camps. Don't be surprised if he's re-signed.

In other news, it looks like Rosevelt Colvin is heading to the Texans, a team that employs a defense that does not blitz with its linebackers (tip to Matic). Colvin is a blitzing linebacker. He can't cover to save his life. Why he signed with Houston, I don't know. He would have been a much better fit in Indy, padding his sack numbers which he then could have used to get a bigger payday later on. And, he'd be on a contender. Oh well.