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Colts Links: 6/17/2008

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So, with Colvin signing with Houston, we now have a fairly good idea what the Colts roster will likely look like heading into training camp. Oh, and why did Colvin sign with Hosuton? Was it the team? The chance to win? Nope, it was money. We also have some news and links about many players who folks have been asking about:

  • I’m starting to really like Pro Football Weekly. More great stuff from their The Way We Hear It section:
    Word out of Indianapolis is that super-sized WR Roy Hall appears poised to finally make an impact. Injuries and poor fundamentals kept him from so much as catching a pass during his rookie year, but a team insider noted to PFW that he has finally learned how to catch the ball with his hands instead of trapping it against his body and looks markedly more natural on the field. At 6-3 and 240 pounds, he’s always had the body. The insider also noted that undrafted rookie WR Sam Giguere out of Canada has been a revelation. Nonetheless, he faces an uphill battle to earn a roster spot.
    I did an interview with The Football Guys last week, and they asked me specifically about Roy Hall. Bottom line, if Roy Hall shows up to camp and displays dramatic improvement, this offense will continue to send chills down my spine. Add to this the "revelation" that is Samuel "Guns" Giguere. Unlike last year, we might actually have some back-up WRs who can catch the friggin ball. Oh, and if Giguere and Hall are legit, Devon Aromashodu is out of a job.
  • More from PFW (not PFT, the armpit of Internet football news):
    The Colts harbored high expectations for second-round rookie OG Mike Pollak entering the team’s offseason program. The way we hear it, it hasn’t taken him long to justify the coaches’ hopes. Pollak has adjusted well enough to the NFL and a relatively new position — he played the bulk of his Arizona State collegiate career at center after switching from guard — that he’s not only penciled in as the starting right guard but has impressed the coaches to the point that they felt comfortable cutting veteran Dylan Gandy. Gandy and Pollak were initially expected to stage one of the team’s bigger position battles. OL coach Howard Mudd isn’t averse to throwing rookies right into the fray, with the latest example of a first-year pro thriving under his tutelage being the solid play of OLT Tony Ugoh last season. That being said, a source close to the club said that converted OT Charlie Johnson cannot be overlooked. Although not quick enough to handle speed rushers on the outside, Johnson possesses the raw power to be a solid interior lineman. It still figures to be Pollak’s position to lose, but if he struggles when thrown the entirety of the playbook in training camp, Johnson could certainly emerge atop the depth chart.
    This is good news. I’m glad they are allowing Johnson and Pollak to compete for the same job, but Pollak should win this thing hands down. If he doesn’t, Polian wasted his 2nd round pick. It’s just that simple. I like Charlie Johnson, and I think he adds a vital piece to this team. The guy can play four offensive line positions (though he kind of sucks playing LT). But Pollak was drafted specifically to play OG right now, replacing Jake Scott. If Pollak can’t do that right now, we got problems. But, articles like PFW’s tell me Pollak is on his way to winning the job.
  • Surprise! We are now in week 7 and no chargers against Marvin Harrison. He’s still not even a suspect. Heck, the case barely has enough evidence to continue. We’re also still not sure the gun used was even Marvin Harrison’s despite news outlets reporting that it was. This was a colossal screw up by ESPN, WIP Radio, Deadspin, AOL, Yahoo, and just about anyone else who flamed the fans of this non-story. The prize winner for hack buffoonery on this is still Mike Florio of PFT. I still love his legal analysis piece he did for The Sporting News. Again folks, if ever you are in trouble with the law, do not let Mike Florio represent you. He is a clueless moron who knows as much about the law as I do about the latest women’s handbag trends. Why these supposed journalists and football fans would want to tear down the greatest WR not named Jerry Rice I don’t know.
  • Tragically, former Colts Jonathan Goddard passed away recently. He was 27. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.