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Waiter? Oh waiter? Where's the waiter?

Pierre "The Waiter" Garcon

With all the positive chat about second year WR Roy Hall's development (aka, he can catch now) and the phenom we are about to experience in rookie free agent WR Samuel "Guns" Giguere, it makes you wonder how seventh round pick Pierre "The Waiter" Garcon fits into the equation. When drafted, I was convinced he was taken to return punts and kicks. Then, the Colts said otherwise, prompting many of us to scratch our heads, wondering why he was drafted in the first place.

But, like Roy Hall, Pierre might be a project receiver. Rather than draft a second or third round WR, and deal with the financial implications of paying that guy such money, the Colts seem to draft late round projects. These projects usually play special teams early in their careers, while minicamps and practice help them hone NFL-caliber receiving skills. It's not enough to just be fast in the NFL. You have to know what you're doing.

We talked a few weeks ago about the WR battle between Devin Aromashodu and Roy Hall but the X-Factor here is Garcon and Giguere. Make no mistake, if Garcon or Giguere (Giguere especially, because reports say he is polished) come into camp and look good, Devin Aromashodu is looking for a job come September. This is not a knock against Aromashodu, who I thought handled himself well after getting thrust into a starter's role last year with virtually no knowledge of the offense. It's just that if these other guys look good, Aromashodu is expendable. Knowing this, as I'm sure Aromashodu does, should motivate him to come into camp and showcase his receiving skills as well.

Really, the more I look at it, and the more feedback I get from you guys on not wanting potential camp free agents like Terry Glenn, the more I warm up to our WR depth. Stampede Blue will have wall-to-wall coverage of camp this year (if I have my way) with daily updates of who looks good and who doesn't. I plan to pay extra attention to the WRs.

Should I focus on any other group? DEs? RBs? What's your take?