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Colts player you miss the most

I talk a lot about how I really liked layers like Booger McFarland, Edgerrin James, and David Thornton. All are good people, and made a lasting impression on the team and community. I'd kind of like to know who you miss the most. I recently did a piece on draft busts (as did Colt Homer), but I'd like to balance the negativity of talking about busts by talking about players you miss.


For me, I miss watching Booger McFarland, mainly because his short tenure in Indy totally changed the defense. Not only did he anchor the Super Bowl 41 team, but after Booger injured his knee in training camp last year (an injury that might have ended his career) he mentored rookie Ed Johnson all throughout the season, watching film with him and teaching him tips.

Booger is a great player, and an even better person. I will always consider him a Colt even though most of his career was spent in Tampa Bay.

Who do you miss the most?