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Know Your Colts History: Super Bowl Tickets are Cheap

Last weekend, I was at the mall checking out some stuff, and I by chance I learned that the mall was hosting a sports memorabilia expo thingamajig there.  Naturally, I was pretty jacked up, even though the headline personality was Kevin Pittsnogle:


Yeah, that guy.

That was a little depressing, but there was a lot of cool stuff there so I soldiered on.  Most of the stuff there was way out of my price range (like the signed Jim Brown helmet and the autographed Terry Bradshaw jersey) but there were some thing there that were in my price range, namely sports cards. 

Primarily, I was looking for old Bullets cards because I write at Bullets Forever (convenient, eh?), but I was on the lookout for Colts cards as well.  I found a few gems, including Kelvin Hayden and Marlin Jackson rookie cards, but this was easily the best card of the bunch:


And here's the back...


Considering that tickets were going for around $4,000 a pop for Super Bowl XLI, I think my 3 dollar investment for this card was worth it.