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18 to 88 bashes the hell out of Jeremy Green and ESPN

The only other person who hates Jeremy Green more than me is Deshawn Zombie at 18 to 88. With Green, it is an endless cycle of stupidity and odd, excessive hands movements on TV. Deshawn Zombie sums up well Green's latest foray into the realm of the delusional:

I've killed Jeremy Green in this space more times than I care to count, but this this may be the single most comedic thing he's said. The man knows nothing about football. His entire experience comes from working in one of the all time worst front offices in history (the Browns of the early 00s), and from his dad, deposed coach and Coors Light star Dennis Green. He apparently equates Porter leaving Oakland to Moss leaving Oakland. Uh, I think there were some differences too, but if those aren't painfully obvious to everyone with a brain, then me explaining them won't help.

Green seems to think that adding Jerry Porter will make the Jaguars offense better than the Colts. There's no debate that adding Porter will help the Jaguars, but make their offense better than Indy's? Of course, no one at ESPN agrees with Green, and many think the Colts defense is better than the Jaguars (they're right, of course).

More stupidity from Green.

And more.

And even more.