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Do you feel sympathy for Pacman or Don Imus?

I'm still going to call Adam Jones "Pacman" because Pacman is still a crappy cornerback who makes many dumb decisions on and off the football field. Reggie Wayne made a annual event out of him torching Pacman whenever the Colts faced the Titans. Pacman is lazy, mentally vacant, and simply not that good as his position. The Titans were wise to get rid of him, and the Cowboys were fools to acquire him.

But, I sense he will gain sympathy from people for the comments made recently by Don Imus. I won't speculate on whether Imus is a "racist" or not. I'll just say his show was boring and dumb when on WFAN (prior to his "nappy headed hoes" love letter to the Rutgers basketball team), and it's boring and dumb now. He often spews uninformed, hateful crap and gets paid a lot to do it.

Corporate media at it finest, folks.

But these recent comments by Imus regarding Pacman and his rap sheet might generate some sympathy for a player who, in my mind, deserves none. Pacman is still an idiot and a bad football player, and there's nothing Jerry Jones or Michael Irvin can do to correct that. But does he deserve sympathy? Does Imus? Or should they both just go away?