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Freeney doing exceedingly well, expected back 100%

We fans simply cannot trust injury reports anymore. It's like those dumb red, orange, and yellow terrorists alerts we got bombarded with in 2004. However, despite the grain of salt one must take with this latest report, Pro Weekly Weekly has some very good news for the Colts:

According to a team insider, Colts DE Dwight Freeney is well on his way to be back in playing condition by the start of the regular season. Freeney has been nursing a Lisfranc (foot) injury throughout the offseason program, but we hear there’s little cause for concern. While the injury generally takes between 9-10 months to fully recover from, doctors have told him that he’s, if anything, ahead of schedule with his return. In fact, there’s a slight concern around Colts camp that Freeney may try to come back too soon. Fortunately for the Colts, their star end is also heeding advice from recently retired Michael Strahan and former teammate Brandon Stokely, both of whom have nursed the injury and have implored Freeney to take it easy. Word is Freeney has opted to stay in Indianapolis through OTAs and minicamp rather than rehab remotely.

Freeney likely will not play in any pre-season games. This will make him rusty for Chicago, but (most importantly) healthy. We've heard reports all summer that Dwight is well ahead of schedule, and the fear is rushing him back too soon.

If Dwight Freeney comes back fuly healthy, as is expected, that is the last piece that needs to fall into place. Tip to Naptown's Finest blogger Colt Homer for FanPosting this.