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Know Your Colts History: Must Improve

In between vomits during the NBA Draft, I noticed that ESPN was doing this thing with every player they'd list his the player's weakest attribute by saying Must Improve:[Fill in the blank].  Most of the time it was fairly typical stuff like Must Improve: Strength or Must Improve: Jump Shot, except when you'd see stuff like Must Improve: Intelligence or Must Improve: Experience.  It got me thinking about what some Colts players of past and present would have have listed if they had to go through draft night again:

KENTON KEITH - Must Improve: Hands

STEVE EMTMAN - Must Improve: Injuring himself every other play

COREY SIMON - Must Improve: Food intake


His arms are thicker than Reggie Wayne's waist!

DOMINIC RHODES - Must Improve: Bladder strength

JEFF GEORGE - Must Improve: Accuracy, not being a [insert profanity], mustache


PEYTON MANNING - Must Improve: Nothing

MARVIN HARRISON - Must Improve: Hiding his guns (That's a joke!) Talking

AARON MOOREHEAD - Must Improve: Talent, hands, route running, being photogenic:




CHARLIE JOHNSON - Must Improve: Blocking (a minor issue if you're a lineman)

MIKE VANDERJAGT - Must Improve: Kickoffs, keeping quiet, kicking in the clutch

GILBERT GARDNER - Run defense, tackling, size, desire, effort, defending, toughness...