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My coulda-been-Colts team

QB Peyton Manning, 1998 R1

QB Tom Brady 2000 R2

RB Edgerrin James, 1999 R1

RB Dominic Rhodes 2001 R7

FB Jim Finn 1999 R7(2)

WR T.J. Housmandzadeh 2001 R6

WR Donald Driver 1999 R7(1)

WR Tim Dwight 1998 R3

TE Desmond Clark 1999 R5

LT Chad Clifton 2000 R1

G Edwin Mulitalo 1999 R4

C Jeff Saturday 1998 R7(2)

G Matt Birk 1998 R5

RT Ryan Diem 2001 R4

OT Epraim Salaam 1998 R7(1)


DT Brian Young 2000 R5

DT Shaun Rodgers 2001 R2

DT Alfonso Boone 2000 R7(1)

DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila 2000 R4

DE Mike Rucker 1999 R2

LB Rosevelt Colvin 1999 R3

LB Adalius Thomas 2000 R3

LB Danny Clark 2000 R7(2)

CB Patrick Surtain 1998 R2

CB Anthony Henry 2001 R3

CB Deshea Townsend 1998 R4

S Adrian Wilson 2001 R1

S Marlon McCree 2001 R6

KR/PR Dwight

Some real tough decisions on that. It really hurts not to get Wayne, but Adrian Wilson is a must have and the only good late round DTs came in the ridiculously stacked 2000 draft. There weren't any top tier TEs drafted in that four year span. Desmond Clark is the top TE from those classes.