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Madden 09 ratings released

IGN has the player attribute rankings for every player in Madden 09. Here they are for the Colts.

My comments so far:

    The D is crazy fast. Just the way I like it. Big Ed Johnson is the only starter with less than 75 speed (66, still fast for a NT). Raheem Brock comes in at 76.  The other 9 are all above 80. Gary Brackett is a touch low at 80, but his DB like 85 ZONE COVERAGE rating will do a lot to cover for it. He doesn't look fast, but when he has to get somewhere he:

"Flies like a rolly-polly bat out of hell" -one of the zombie brothers on an 18 plays podcast last year. Describing his INT return vs the Patriots.

Keiaho and Hagler are both a speedy 86. Mathis, Freeney and Marlin Jackson hit 88. Both safeties and Kelvin Hayden make 90, with Bethea at 90, Hayden at 92 and Sanders as the fastest of the starters at 93. TJ Rushing (94), Tim Jennings (96 fastest on the team, if only he knew what to do with that speed), Marucs Howard (87), Phillip Wheeler (84) and finally fast Matt Giordano (94) are all fast off the bench. I'm excited to use this D.

    Giordano got his much derserved 10 point bump in speed, but they shorted another Colt. Darrell "I'm on the kickoff team" Reid is a glacially slow 64.

Kenton Keith receives a generous 73 in catching.

I now expect great things from Pierre Garcon since the experts at EA sports have determined he is on the level of Bob Sanders in CELEBRATION (95), tops on the team. I need to review the SB XLI tape, because there may be a bizarre sight hiding in there. Ryan Diem and Dwight Freeney are physically incapable of CELEBRATION (0).

For some reason Charlie Johnson is a better pass blocker than run blocker (though neither are good). His somewhat decent ranking in PASS BLOCK STRENGTH might make sense. He struggled with speed rushers, maybe he could handle guys straight on. Anyone see him get bull rushed? There aren't any times that I remember so I don't know.

I'll comment some more on if I see them.